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Surf Yoga Life

Move. And life moves with you.

Surf Retreats in Portugal. Yoga. Mobility Training. Coaching. Mental Training.
Any or all of the above in sweet combination.

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Three things of passion

Surfing. Yoga & Mobility. Personal growth.

There are three things that are close to my heart (well, not counting my two adorable dogs): The ocean, yoga, and personal growth.

I started my company around coaching and personal growth about ten years ago, dove deeper into yoga along the way, and then took a leap of faith by moving to Portugal five years ago. Here I run a small scale surf camp outside Lisbon. 

It's a dream come true to get to share waves and good vibes with our guests. And it's a special feeling to live and work in a small beach town where the community is about supporting each other.

On the yoga mat I offer yoga classes and targeted mobility training for unlocking those tight hips, hamstrings or shoulders.

I also offer coaching and mental training. For athletes wanting to increase performance or simply for anyone wanting to find focus, direction, and that extra courage we all have but that sometimes gets lost along the way. 

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Just start to take a step in some direction, and things will happen. It may not be what you'd expect, it may be better. Move, and life will move with you.

Anna Dibell

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What Karuna can do for you

Inspiring Surf Weeks, Uplifting Yoga Classes, Targeted Mobility Training, Coaching and Mental Training

With our base in Portugal just outside Lisbon, we welcome you to join our mellow surf camp to catch some waves together. I (Anna) also offer yoga, mobility practice and coaching on site. 

You also find us online for everything but the surf ;-)

Our happy surf guests after class

Surf Weeks Costa da Caparica

Join the magic

Small scale and personal surf and yoga weeks. Good vibes and good coffee. We are here since 2016 sharing great waves and the suave beach life with our guests. Our Surf House is but a short walk from the beach. Easy simple lifestyle. When you join us for a retreat, we invite you to share our everyday life. It's a life close to nature and the ocean, where we live by the tide and ocean conditions. It's all about Eat, Surf, Sleep, Repeat. And maybe sharing a bottle of wine whilst making memories with new and old friends.

If restrictions are lifted we aim to open the 2021 season on April 15. We offer free cancellation and free rebooking the whole year. Book now and travel when you can. Welcome to our magic small beach town life. Share some moments and waves with us.

Anna and the team

You will find packages and prices here. 


Targeted Mobility Training

Gravity Yoga®

Do you have locked up hips? Tight hamstrings? Stiff lower back? Stiff shoulders? If so, Gravity Yoga can help. 

Gravity Yoga is a targeted mobility training method that works to open up your body. 

No experience required, super stiff people always welcome :) I take a very simple, science-based approach that is effective for everyone.  

Discovery classes are live, online, 30-minute, private sessions where you can experience Gravity Yoga for yourself, I can learn more about your goals, and we can see if this approach is right for you.

Find out more about packages and how you book your FREE Discovery class here.


Coaching and Mental Training

Bounce back, Live forward

Whether you are looking to bring new direction to your life or work on a specific goal, I'm are here to help. With a varied toolbox and years of experience, I can be a valuable resource and companion on your road. I work with both coaching and practical mental resilience training tools. In a 30-min FREE Discovery session, we take a look at your current situation from different aspects and find a way forward that suits your needs.

Find out more about packages and how you book your FREE Discovery class here.

Find more info about me, Anna, here.


Sama Yoga

Private and Group Classes Live Online

It’s kind, it’s playful, it’s cool. Every class is different and taught intuitively from the heart. Depending on the needs of the student, the classes can range from strong power flows to grounding restoring relaxations. In Sama Yoga we work with physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects, with an aim to balance both the inside and outside. It suits all levels of students (and all kinds of bodies) who are curious to discover yoga on their own terms.

You will find packages and prices here.

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About Me

Who is Karuna?

From corporate corner office to beach life. I'm passionate about the ocean, yoga, and helping others with personal growth. Are you ready to make a positive change in your life? Contact Me.

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Contact and inquiries

Get in touch - english or swedish (or portuguese if you want to risk it)

Costa da Caparica, Portugal

+351 936 695 900

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