My name is Anna and I am the owner of this little enterprise Karuna. For many years I led a quiet "normal" office life, but something was buzzing inside. A longing for travel and learning how to surf. Get to know myself better through yoga. Through learning how to surf. Cliché? Maybe, but hey, that's the way it goes. 

In May of 2015 I travelled from my home in Sweden to Portugal for the first time and instantly fell in love with the coast of Caparica. The surf, the sunsets, the crowd, the rough edges around this beautiful coastline.

I kept thinking to myself that I really would like to share this magic with my friends and with anyone who was curious about surfing, yoga and hanging out in this quiet yet vibrant place. But how would I do that? Could I just "jump"? I decided to go for it.

Starting in the spring of 2016, I began to set up simple and small scale surf and yoga weeks together with local friends I got to know along the way. Just for the love of the ocean and surf, and yoga. And hanging out, enjoying the small and simple things in life.

The mix of yoga, surf, and easy going days turned out to make our guests happy to be here, and me and my friends decided to take the concept into 2017. Small scale and personal. Just sharing the magic. As simple as that.


2018 was our third season and became a bit different. Due to a car hitting my mom we could only do a few surf weeks since I had to care for her during recovery. But bones heal and the weeks we actually did were magic! Amazing guests and Caparica showed us once again how friendly and magic this place can be. The weeks during 2019 then turned out to be some of the most fun so far. 

Then 2020 hit us all with a global pandemic and we were almost about to throw in the towel. But then opportunity found its way and from August onwards we will take over two surf houses here. We team up with GetWet Surf school, and you who were here during 2019 already know Miguel and his team. We will continue to offer our style of surf and yoga weeks and enjoy the waves together with you.

We will also take over a brand that specializes in girls only surf weeks here in Portugal, so during a few weeks, one of our houses will be earmarked female only. But don't worry guys, we got you covered as well.

So, me, Miguel and Bruno hope to welcome you to Caparica, and to show you all the hidden treasures. Let's meet up on the yoga mat, share some waves, and enjoy Portugal together. Below you can read some of what our guests have to say. Enjoy!

Hope to see you from August and onwards! Safe and sound!

Anna and the team in Caparica



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Costa da Caparica, Portugal



+351 96 36 46 700

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Costa da Caparica, Portugal



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+351 96 36 46 700

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