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About Karuna - Surf Yoga Life

Waves. Breath. Heart.

My name is Anna and I am the owner of Karuna.

I'm a Licensed Mental Coach and Yoga Teacher. I also run a surf camp in Portugal.

I have my roots in the town of Malmoe in southern Sweden, but am now based in a small beach town outside Lisbon.

The surf, the sunsets, the kind people, the rough edges around this beautiful coastline had me at first sight some years ago, and this is now where I call home.

I live a simple quiet life close to nature and to the ocean, working on creating an authentic life in balance. I am passionate about the ocean, personal growth, yoga and what it can do for you. And portuguese coffee.

I worked many years in the corporate world, with managing projects and leading teams. I love working with people and communication, so much that I took it to the next level and opened my own business within coaching and mental training about ten years ago. It's amazing how much we can grow and lift each other with the right mindset and kindness.

Yoga caught my interest along the way, as something that can get us more in touch with ourselves through presence in the body. Something where we simultaneously train our body, our breath, our mind.

This lead me to surfing and my passion for the ocean. To Portugal. And a dream growing into something real - offering small scale surf weeks sharing waves and the simple lifestyle. 

When I first decided to jump, I had no idea how to be smart about creating a surf camp business. I just wanted to share this amazing place with my friends and with anyone who was curious about surfing, yoga and hanging out in this quiet yet vibrant place.

I began to set up simple and small scale surf and yoga weeks together with local friends I got to know along the way. Just for the love of the ocean and surf, and yoga. And hanging out, enjoying the small and simple things in life.

And since our guests seemed happy and kept returning, here I am, five years later, as passionate as ever. (Covid messing with us though, but hopefully the world will figure it out soon again)

Has it been easy breezy? Is it only cool surfing pictures and living the suave yoga beach life. Short answer: No. At times it is pretty hard. But also, pretty amazing at times.

Living in and navigating a foreign country, culture, and language, helps me grow and become a better, more courageous and grateful person. And I have constantly been forced to break out of and expand my comfort zone, something I believe has made me a better coach and trainer.

And my two rescue dogs keep me sane during the pandemic.

Enough about me, I would love to hear from you and how I can be of service. 

In addition to the surf weeks I host every year (hopefully re-starting summer 2021), I offer yoga, mobility training, and coaching / mental training online. You can find more info here.

Feel free to drop me a line for more information about course dates and details, and to sign up for a FREE Discovery Session.

Hope to see you soon! Maybe on a yoga mat via screen for now, maybe in a empowering coaching session, or on a surfboard sharing waves together if you are looking for that personal surf vacation vibe. 

With love and good vibes!


PS: Check my LinkedIn for a more formal track record and credentials:

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