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Downloads - resources and fun

Just for fun or super serious? Here you will find that and everything in between. Enjoy the good stuff we made especially for you.

The Perfect Wave Boardgame

Landlocked? No problemo.

Download the high quatlity pdf and you are ready to play. Print to paper or simply use it from the screen. All you need is a dice and some friends and you are ready to go! Why not do a Zoom paddle out?

Landlocked Surf Boardgame.png

The 7-day Get Unstuck Challenge

Get that momentum going

Download our 7-day challenge where you get one micro-challenge every day for one week. We know there are no shortcuts to lasting change, but every step counts. Have fun while you get momentum to grow and flourish!

7-days Get Unstuck Challenge (1).png

Questions or thoughts? Contact us at - we will be happy to hear from you!

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