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Surf, smiles and stoke - a walk down the Karuna memory lane

Come with us on an adventure, where we try to capture one day with the essence of our surf weeks. While we wait for the world to open up again, let's reminiscence together and know that by the famous words of Arnold Schwarzenegger: We'll be back!

So, close your eyes (wait, no, don't do that but you know what I mean) and imagine you just woke up in our surf house in Caparica... slip into your flip flops, and gently stroll down to your favourite breakfast café for a cup and something to cure your growling stomach. You enjoy the sun for a while, and maybe you check today's wave forecast.

Oh, look at the time! It's time for surf! Time to head back to the house and get your gear.

You quickly pack your beach bag and squeeze into your wetsuit. Don't you just love the smell of neoprene in the morning!

You decide to walk to the beach today where our surf instructors are waiting. The sand is warm under the soles of your feet as you take off your flip flops and walk towards your surf buddies on the beach. You take a look at the ocean, it's so blue today, you think, and you gaze up at the reflecting blue sky.

Bora bora! You awake from your sky gazing, hearing the loud voice of one of the instructors calling you. Let's go! Warm up!

You immediately remember how warm you are in your wetsuit, and can't wait to get into the water. But you do as you are told and join the warmup. After what feels like five hundred burpees later, you finally adjust your leash and glide into the water. Press play on the video below and let yourself get transported into the crisp welcoming blue...

The waves are kind, and your board steady under your feet. But you suddenly remember you forgot to put zink paste on your face, so you quickly get out of the water to take care of that. You take the time to have a sip of fresh water, and when you return to the lineup, you feel refreshed and ready to paddle. And you don't have to worry about sunburn.

As the hours go by, your smile just gets wider and wider. And unfortunately, your arms tired.

Finally you join the surf group back at the beach, where you cheer each other on and talk about the waves you got during the session.

It's time for lunch. It's difficult to choose. That acaí bowl with fresh fruit or that freshly baked bread with chorizo? A cold one? Whatever be your choice, you feel satisfied and happy, with that relaxed vibe only the ocean can give you.

After having filled your stomach and satisfied your palate, it's time for the famous after surf afternoon nap. Yes, that's right, there is nothing quite like it. You doze off comfortably, in the shade of the trees in the park, or maybe in your own sunny patch on the beach. And it's absolutely wonderful to just allow yourself to be...

it's time for the famous after surf afternoon nap

You wake up relaxed and with a smile on your face, and notice the time. It's time for yoga! Your body could really use the stretch you think, and you make it just on time to join the group for today's class.

As the afternoon slowly turns into evening, you stretch and restore your tired muscles, and laugh with your new found friends and fellow surfers. And as you sink down in savasana as the last of the practice, you look up at the sky again, and feel grateful for being here and now.

In fact, you feel energized and bubbly. And, it's a beautiful evening. And it seems like the rest of the gang are going to skate.

You grab a surf skate and head down to the beach walk with everyone.

It's time to play! Click play on the video to join the session of skate and fun on the boardwalk...

After skating with your friends, and laughing so hard your belly hurts, you notice how hungry you are. Time to eat? Again? Yup, you gotta get your energy refilled.

A quick shower and change of clothes later, you grab an Uber with the group and a few minutes later you find yourselves gazing at the most wonderful sunset. On the other side of the river is Lisbon, and here you are, taking in the evening velvet air and sipping on a ...(fill in the blank) while you wait for your table to be ready...

...aaah, and the food arrives. You didn't think you could eat this much, but everything is just delicious, the wine perfect, and the company great...

When you finally make it home to the surf house and get into bed, you rest your head back into your pillow and smile. So tired, so energised, so...zzzzzz...

In a few hours the sun rises to a new day...

What is your idea of a perfect surf holiday day? Let us know...

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