Hello and goodbye's

October 19, 2016

Hello autumn. Goodbye summer. Hello long sleeve hoodies. Goodbye shorts. Hello reflection time. Goodbye hustle bustle. 

Hello October waves. Goodbye Sunday waves of summer. 


Since I arrived in Portugal in April there have been a lot of hello's and goodbye's. During the surf and yoga week periods, new greetings every week, and sadly, a goodbye when someone has to go home again. Off with the surf van to the airport and a quick goodbye. Just like that. I was a bit unprepared for the impact of this, and what it does to you. Emotionally. The coming and going of fellow friendly peeps. 


I refuse to let routine take over, and to see the coming and going of guests as just work. It is a way of life, and to me, it has to be genuine. I truly want to be for real, to live the magic in order to share it. That's the deal I have with myself. To stay true, to stay curious. To stay all in or go home. 


It does come with a cost though. All these hello and goodbye's and keeping it real. It is not free. Not for a softie like me. For it to be free I'd have to build an impermeable wall around me, but then I would lose the connection. And surrender to routine. Which I refuse.


So, every week I get a little heartbroken, but it is ok. The heart can take it. Willingly. I just have to trust it. And get some rest sometimes, hiding alone somewhere...


Most of the time I send people home with a big smile, knowing the time spent here has made some positive impact for them. A couple of times things have turned out differently than first expected and there is a learning to take home and consider. To do better next time, to sometimes just let go. And it is all part of the journey. To listen, learn, improve, let go. Respecting and trusting everything that is. 


Today though I get to say hello to two sweet peeps returning for the second time this year. And, even though I know I will be heartbroken when they leave in a week's time, getting to see them again fills my heart with joy. 


So I will say: Hello! Welcome to Caparica! Let's share some days together and let the magic unfold. The now is ours to explore...






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