February Friday - a normal off season day in Caparica

February 16, 2018

The morning was misty, with a veil of grey somewhat covering the backdrop cliff overlooking Costa da Caparica. But the wind was gone, and a hint of a warmer spring made its way to the tables and chairs outside the local café in the heart of the Santo Antonio part of town. The neighbourhood started to wake up, slowly but surely, this completely normal Friday in February.


In a couple of hours, people would order soup for lunch, and enjoy it in the sun, with the promise of rosy cheeks and a happy stomach. 


For now though, the café was busy with the local regulars ordering breakfast and coffee. Lots of coffee. And different kind of sandwiches and pastries; everyone's favourite well known by the heroic staff. Inside the café, it was like a world of its own, with almost the same scene playing out every morning. The seniors, chatting over coffee after their morning walks; the building contractors and carpenters, rushing in for a quick wake me up coffee; the dog people; the office professionals; local store owners and the occasional surfer.


A few minutes away at the beachfront, it was unusually quiet. The normal hustle and bustle of cars, surfboards, and people dressing and undressing their neoprenes, was nowhere to be found. The reason? Our friend, the Atlantic Ocean and today's swell. February is still close to winter, and a window for the bigger swells coming in to greet the coast of Portugal. The forecast had promised a 4 meter swell with waves close to 2 meters in height. A closer look at the sea revealed a foamy mayhem, with few clean lines. Today, the surf was better enjoyed elsewhere. 

The lack of smooth perfect waves did not at all diminish the beauty of if all though, and the morning light spreading through the mist left the beach glistening and pristine. It was the perfect Friday morning for a walk in the sand, searching for driftwood and summer ideas. This is the season where you can drift alone along the beach, with only your thoughts as company. This is the season before beach umbrellas and parking fees, and a chance to indulge in nature and the raw beauty of the ocean. Untouched, undisturbed. 

On the stone jetties along the beach, fishermen had already made the best of the shifting tides and got their catch of the day. Some of them already walking back to the town, in their characteristic plaided shirts and a bike with fishing gear on the side. Their walk relaxed without stress, looking like they really enjoyed the change in temperature from the colder more harsh weather days.


It is something special with that change, when you can feel spring arriving. Whether it is in the scent of freshly cut grass, or the feeling of the sun warming through all your layers, you just know. And you start to think about casual summer days in short sleeves and flip flops. About seeking shade for comfort, and above all, those smooth summer waves in a cooling ocean. The scent of board wax mixed with sunscreen, sandy feet and the endorphins rushing after that perfect ride.

They are so close now, those promised summer days of play and leisure. Those afternoons on the yoga mat in the park stretching and breathing, living. 


But for now, it is still just a normal Friday in February. With misty mornings, café conversations, and beautiful beaches. Every season carries its own magic, and it is up to us to discover it. Which is your favourite season?

Karuna - surf yoga life offers surf- and yoga weeks starting in May. We are situated in Costa da Caparica, with comfy walking distance to beach and surf. Small scale, local, and personal. Welcome to join us this season.





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