At Karuna we invite you to join our simple and personal low key surf and yoga weeks.


We invite you to be a part of our everyday life in the small surfing town of Costa da Caparica, just south of Lisbon.

Our driver and motivation is to share with you what we love ourselves; to keep it real and unique.

We get excited about sunsets and surfing; about discovering fun challenges on the yoga mat.

About the way the sun rises behind the Caparica cliff and perfect cups of coffee.

And we believe that good things multiply when you share them. 


If you are looking for some space and time to dive into ocean play and feel good on the yoga mat, to challenge yourself and experience what surfing is really about, come and find out together with us. Share our passion for a while and make some new friends. It's as simple as that, and we are excited to meet you.


For 2020 August and onwards: come when it suits you. Post pandemic times calls for more flexibility. 

Welcome to join us in Caparica. Take a look at what we have to offer and please don't hesitate to get in touch with questions or inquiries. We will do our best to tailor to your needs and wishes.

because the only good suit is a wetsuit


Are you curious about walking on water? Are you already comfortable in the waves? Are you somewhere in-between? Don't worry, the coast of Caparica offers something for everyone. With spacious beach breaks, there are plenty of waves for our beginners and intermediates. When you surf with us, we give you a personal experience where we keep you safe while we try to challenge you as well. The tides and the waves are our best teachers. We cooperate with our local friends who grew up here and who know the ocean and breaks like their own backyard.

are you ready to come a bit closer?


We normally start the day with a soft yoga class before breakfast, but don't worry; we know you are on vacation and the importance of not having to set the alarm too early. Most of our classes are Sama yoga. Sama yoga is a gentle form of yoga that will support and respect you and your body and that suits all levels and ages. Supporting you both physically and emotionally it will leave you at ease on the mat. It has a playful and creative side and we will have fun together. And, the combo with the surf...let us tell you this should not be underestimated. We tailor our classes to fit each individual, no pressure or prestige. This is your time. Your body. We are all different, and perfect just as we are. And yes, get ready for some spaced out yoga excitement. We just can't help it.

a place that stole our hearts


Ah, where to start? This little beach town with the unpolished architecture and sweetest people around.

This little beach town with the many local cafés and bakeries. The seemingly endless coastline with pristine beaches. The proximity to Lisbon (20 min by car). And, the sunsets, you cannot leave out the sunsets. Honestly, these are one of the reasons we fell in love with this place and decided to do these surf and yoga retreats here. Caparica is just one of these places that keep growing on you once you get to know this place. Really. Surely. Truly.

stone's throw from the beach


We now hav our own surf houses! From August and onwards we open up and welcome you yo our very own surf camp. The houses are ours to use all year round and we have also been given the freedom to create our own vibe and design. There is one modern house in the center of Caparica, and one older house in a quaint residential area just behind the beach. Each house has eíts own charm, and one of them its very own lemon tree. Both houses are located within a short walking distance to the beach.

personalised experiences not in guidebooks


 Action or just relaxing? We will tailor to your wishes. Always in small scale cooperation with local friends. Experiences you won't find in the regular broshures.


Costa da Caparica, Portugal



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